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Project Development Cycle

How Regent Resources (UK) Limited manages your Projects:

Regent Resources (UK) Limited is one of those rare companies which can offer the Hybrid of On-site and Offshore Development Services. Hybrid Development is a combination of on-site and offshore services that deliver better results at greatly reduced costs. Requirements Study and Requirement Engineering and the development of detailed specifications is usually done on-site, while software development and testing is done offshore at our development center in India. This model maximizes cost-efficiency and also enables optimum use of the resources. If required the user training and acceptance phases can also be undertaken on-site.

Project Initiation:
We receive brief description from you about your requirements in terms of Software of Web Application / Site. Usually we send out a brief Questionnaire to you or you can download the same from our web site. These details are passed on to our Creative team and Development teams to see if we have the capabilities and resources to take up the assignment.

Requirements analysis and specification approval:
During this stage we analyze project requirements and develop detailed software / web application specification. We submit the same to you for your approval and further discussion. If required we also prepare the Database Schema and send it across to you with the Flow Charts. In more complex projects this initial process may include development of a proof of the concept or prototype development. We also submit you the time estimate for the project.

Development Plan or Plan of Action:
Once the specification is completed and approved by you, we prepare development plan with project costs. The Action Plan contains work breakdown structure with milestones and deadlines. The specifications document and project schedule are used as a basis for the contract. This part also involves the payment terms for the project stages or milestones. We start working on the development as soon as the payment as agreed between us is released by you.

Development and Testing:
After the specification and schedule have been approved, we start the development stage, which includes coding, testing and integration. Technical documentation (if required) is also produced during this stage. As far as possible, we will start offering the developed modules for you to test the same and approve. At this stage, we would like to highlight the importance of the client involvement in the project testing as this is the stage where we can still make some changes to the project if it is brought out that there are some differences in understanding your requirements. But if you do not involve yourself in the project, it will be delayed and the final outcome may not be what you expected. The Communication between you and us is also very important and we hope that our clients respond to our mails and queries as fast as possible. If there are huge gaps in communication process it will harm the project process. We also offer online chat facility through YIM, MSN, ICQ and AOL IM to discuss the matter instantly.

Deployment and integration:
At this stage the system is integrated into the business environment or if it is a web site, it is uploaded and thorough testing is undertaken and the software is passed over to the customer for acceptance testing. We prepare the test plans and test cases and the system is tested by the QA team for any bugs or problems. If we are working on the Hybrid Development method of Offshore + On-Site development, then we will have our Project Implementation team visit your site to implement the system, train the users and go through the testing with your users / in-house IT team so that you can test the system from all possible angles and approve the same.

Once the system is delivered and accepted by you, we provide you free support for 30 days to take care of minor change requests, defects removal and support on technical questions related to delivered software. We can also undertake regular maintenance of the web site or software on yearly contract for a small fee.