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IT services - An Important Service to keep your business Profitable

Computers and IT are becoming increasingly important to help you in your business and maintaining profitability of your business. You may have an internal team of IT Professionals to develop and maintain the IT systems and software that you need to run your operations efficiently but still many times you come across needs which your existing team would not be able to manage. Or, you are a small company and can't afford full time permanent IT team in your company.

In either cases, Regent Resources (UK) Limited will be happy to provide you with the expertise and development team to take care of your short-term or long-term IT needs. If you have a small project that you want to get developed in-house but can not spare any one from your existing team, ask us to depute our developers on a temporary assignment to work in your office under your supervision and we will be happy to help you.

Or, if you have a large development project and if you are considering the cost saving as important criteria, please talk to us. We have made arrangements with an IT company in India that has been involved in successful offshore development for clients from USA, Canada, UK and Middle East for past over 10 years and we can get your project up and running for a fraction of cost to you. We are in a unique position to offer you the hybrid service of offshore - onsite services, which means that we are present locally in the UK to take care of System Study and understanding of your requirements and also to implement the system when ready and then for training of your staff on using the system. And, the actual development takes place in India. We are available locally to support in every stage of the project.

Please contact us and we will be happy to get back to you immediately.

If you are having large data entry work to be carried out regularly, we can help you in data entry here in UK or if volumes are large, we can get the data entry work for you in India to save you in costs. Our partners in India have the infrastructure and trained staff to take care of your requirements.

We will also be happy to develop the custom web site for you whether you want a simple informative web site or interactive site based on database with product catalogue and shopping cart for online marketing. Please contact us today for the best of prices on web site development.

We are also developing some quite interesting Online Systems that will help you in your business and these systems are as follows:
  1. Online Accounting System
  2. Online Payroll System
  3. Online Web Site Creator and Content Management System
In short, Regent Resources (UK) Limited is the one stop shop for all your IT needs and resources. Please submit our online form describing your needs briefly and we will get back to you immediately.
Small Business Wish-list
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I want a web site created in Minutes!
I want a classy international look and feel to my site!
I want the freedom to change the content!
I want to have a new look to my site every week!

I want my own domain name!
I want my personal email ids!
I want an Auto Responder!*
I want unlimited email aliases!
I want unlimited forwarding facility!

I want to have an Online Catalog!
I want to sell Online!
I want to receive Online Payments!

I want to project a Big Image for my Business!
But, I want a small Price Tag for all these!

Your Wish is Granted!

Regent Resources (UK) Limited
Offers all the above and more
for just £ 83.77 for 1 year!

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Get a Custom Web Site
for £ 200*

* Includes 1 year Hosting & Domain Registration